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Riskbirbal Unveils Game-Changing Asset Valuation Service: A Conversation with Syed Meraj Naqvi

Prittle Prattle News 19th Feb 2024

Syed Meraj Naqvi interview

Unveiling the Future of Asset Valuation and Risk Management with Syed Meraj Naqvi, CEO & Principal Officer of Riskbirbal Insurance Brokers

In an exclusive interview with Prittle Prattle News, Syed Meraj Naqvi, the visionary CEO & Principal Officer of Riskbirbal Insurance Brokers, shares insightful revelations about the company’s pioneering free Fixed Asset Valuation service. This trailblazing initiative is set to redefine the standards of precision and client satisfaction in the realm of asset management and insurance broking.

What prompted Riskbirbal Insurance Brokers to introduce a free Fixed Asset Valuation service at this time?

We introduced a free Fixed Asset Valuation service at this time in response to various market dynamics and client needs. Firstly, there has been a noticeable surge in the demand for accurate asset valuation services, driven by the increasing complexity of business operations and the crucial role of precise valuation in insurance coverage. By offering this service for free, Riskbirbal aims to meet and exceed client expectations, providing them with a valuable resource without additional cost. Secondly, in a competitive insurance brokerage market, offering complimentary Fixed Asset Valuation can serve as a strategic advantage.

This move is also rooted in the principles of risk management, as accurate asset valuation helps mitigate the risk of underinsurance and streamlines the claims settlement process for both clients and the insurance company. Additionally, regulatory considerations may have influenced this decision, with potential changes or emphasis on accurate asset valuation for insurance compliance purposes.

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