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WellConnect, by RISKBIRBAL is the groundbreaking healthcare insurance solution that revolutionizes how we approach healthcare. With a focus on your dynamic workforce, WellConnect empowers individuals with comprehensive health coverage and innovative solutions tailored to their mindset of growth, agility, and technological advancement. Our personalized health and wellness programs cater to individual requirements, emphasizing well-being and proactive healthcare. Through a seamless digital platform, we provide instant access to information, streamlined claims management, and personalized resources, giving you & your employees the tools to make informed decisions and take control of their healthcare experience




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Starting @ ₹125/per month/ employee T&C


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Seamless Digital Portal with Easy Healthcare Support

Experience convenience and superior care with our seamless digital portal and dedicated healthcare support. Simplify your journey to better health and wellbeing.

Personalised Health Coverage

Customized health coverage for all employees, ensuring individual needs are met. Simplify healthcare with our comprehensive and personalized policies, promoting well-being and satisfaction.

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Hassle free Onboarding & Personalised Assistance

Easy Onboarding, Personalized Assistance, and Hassle-Free Coverage Management. Take Charge of Your Health Insurance with Convenience and Confidence.

Complimentary Health & Wellness Add-ons

Comprehensive Coverage with Complimentary Health & Wellness Add-ons. A Bundle of Benefits to Nurture Well-being and Drive Productivity to New Heights.

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