Frequently Asked Questions

An insurance broker is a person who helps you find and buy insurance that fits your needs. They work with different insurance companies to compare plans and prices for you.

Using an insurance intermediary brings several advantages. They offer expert advice tailored to your needs, save you time by comparing policies, and give you access to a broader range of options. They can also help you find cost-effective coverage, simplify complex insurance terms, assist with claims, and provide ongoing support as your insurance needs change.

By focusing on niche markets or specific industries, utilizing advanced technology for a better customer experience, providing exceptional customer service, offering innovative insurance products not widely available, and having a deep understanding of the Indian insurance market and regulations.

Being First Insurance broker in India to provide online quotation for all the insurance policies.

Providing Free Fixed Asset Valuation Instantly with Just a Few Clicks.

Furthermore, Many new Innovative Risk Management and Mitigation Solutions are coming soon!!

the name "RiskBirbal," the brand may aim to embody qualities similar to Birbal's, such as wisdom, strategic thinking, and the ability to navigate complex challenges, in the context of managing and mitigating risks in the insurance industry. The name suggests that, like Birbal, the company seeks to provide smart, effective solutions to its clients' insurance needs, emphasizing trust, expertise, and innovative problem-solving in the realm of risk management.

Wellconnect is an application designed for managing employee benefit policies, and it is operated by Riskbirbal Management Services Pvt Ltd under a partnership agreement.

Riskmantra is an application created to help identify risks early and offer personalized advice, making it easier for businesses to make decisions. It offers a comprehensive view and specific insurance options, leading the way in modern risk management. This lets companies take on new chances and deal with uncertainties more confidently. Riskmantra is run by Riskbirbal Management Services Pvt Ltd through a partnership, and although both companies have the same owners, they are separate entities.

In order to obtain a quote for any policy online, you must first register on the RiskBirbal website. Once registered, log in to your account and provide the required information to receive a quote. The Quotation management system will then share the best and lowest premium options based on your chosen insurer.

Wellconnect services are complimentary services provided along Group Health Insurance during the time of onboarding. If you want to buy Group Health insurance, Group personal accidental or group term life policy you can request a demo to explore the services.

Riskbirbal offers a wide range of services beyond traditional broker services. If you are seeking a comprehensive solution that includes automation of tasks, policy renewals, risk mitigation, and value-added services, among others, you can request a demo of our unique CRM login, Wellconnect, and Riskmantra services. These services can all be accessed through a single platform.

If you are a new customer, you can request a demo and start with existing policies to explore the services.

You can obtain a free asset valuation by submitting the asset valuation form, after which you will be asked to upload some details in Excel. Once the Excel file is uploaded, your asset valuation report will be generated.

Choosing an insurance broker over an agent can offer you a wider range of insurance options, unbiased advice, and personalized service. Brokers, who work with multiple insurers, can compare policies to find the best fit for your needs and budget, offer expert guidance, and support you through claims. Their independent and client-focused approach can help you find cost-effective solutions and build a long-term partnership for all your insurance needs, providing a tailored experience that prioritizes your interests.

Riskbirbal insurance broker does not charge clients direct fees, operates on a commission-based model, receiving payments from insurance companies for policies sold. This approach benefits clients by eliminating out-of-pocket expenses for brokerage services, simplifying the insurance acquisition process, and providing access to the broker's expertise without additional costs.

Riskbirbal distinguishes itself in claim management through expert advocacy, streamlined and technology-enhanced processes for faster claims handling, and a strong focus on client communication and support. This approach ensures clients receive personalized assistance, making the claims process smoother and more efficient compared to other brokers.