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At RiskBirbal, we pioneer online asset valuation in India, blending technology with industry expertise for precise, accurate, and reliable assessments. Our free fixed asset valuation, customizable property insurance, and comprehensive fire policies ensure accurate protection against risks, setting new standards in reliability and innovation for our clients nationwide.

Meticulous Methodology

Services We Provide

Comprehensive Methodology
Dedicated to determining the current value of your company's assets.
Comprehensive Methodology
Includes assessment of various asset types
Comprehensive Methodology
Specialization in evaluating Current Assets, Fixed Assets, and Intangible Assets.
Comprehensive Methodology
Provides a comprehensive understanding of your resource portfolio.
Comprehensive Methodology
Certified Reports
Comprehensive Methodology
Verification by an Authorized Valuer at a low cost
Comprehensive Methodology
Insurance preparedness
Comprehensive Methodology
Fair premium reflecting risks
Comprehensive Methodology
Claim Facilitation

Why Choose Us?

Comprehensive Methodology

Comprehensive Methodology
  • Adopts a wide-ranging approach, assessing assets from machinery to electronic components.
  • Indispensable for a seamless and equitable claims settlement process. Aids in determining payable amounts, minimizing disputes, and expediting compensation.

Claims Settlement Facilitation

Claims Settlement Facilitation

Insurance Preparedness

Insurance Preparedness
  • Crucial for insurance, ensures accurate understanding of asset values. Secures coverage mirroring replacement or market worth, guarding against underinsurance. Prevents coverage shortfalls in rebuilding or replacement costs after events like fires.
  • Precise valuation ensures fair premiums aligning with property value risks, preventing over or underpayment.

Fair Premiums Reflecting Risk

Fair Premiums Reflecting Risk:

Data Driven Accuracy

Data Driven Accurancy
  • Grounded in extensive monthly data of WPI and CPI, processed for accurate indexing values.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Asset valuation is a process that provides the approximate amount required to reinstate your asset.

An Insurance broker is the one who has to take care of the adequacy of the insurance for its client. Hence it becomes the broker's duty to provide the client with the right value of the assets to be insured so that the insured must be indemnified in case of a claim. This right value can be achieved by using the Fixed asset valuation method.

It is a valid platform for asset valuation. It uses the same methodology that is used by the surveyors and valuers for valuation purposes that are used to settle the property insurance claims adequately. So, this is the right practice to perform the Asset valuation before insuring your property. The report generated by the website can be validated by paying a nominal cost and then a certified report can be provided which is accepted everywhere.

Fixed asset valuation is an essential instrument that helps different stakeholders make well-informed decisions about finance, investment, risk management, taxes, and regulatory compliance.

Startups may manage their finances, attract investment, make strategic decisions, and overcome different obstacles related to business growth with the help of asset valuation, which offers insightful information and tools.

A broker understands the need for property insurance and thus the essentiality of asset valuation. It provides complete coverage of the property adequately when the valuation is performed before providing insurance. To avoid under-valuation or over-valuation asset valuation suffice this purpose. If the property is undervalued there the claim amount will be deducted due to the underinsurance clause. On the other hand, if the property is overvalued then an extra premium has to be paid by the insured which is a monetary loss to the client and both of the cases are not appreciated anyway.

The methodology opted for this asset valuation process is a robust calculation by collecting the data of wholesale price index (WPI) and consumer price index (CPI) of various assets commodities from the economic advisory. The commodities considered for this valuation are, Machinery & Machine Tools, Electronic components & Electronic Items, Home and office appliances, Electrical and Non-Electrical Machinery, Apparatus and appliances, Accessories, wires & cables, Communication, and telephone Equipment, Consumables, Heavy and Industrial Machinery, Furniture, IT Equipment and hardware, Material Handling Equipment etc. It is the comprehensive monthly data of almost 5 decades for Wholesale Price Index (WPI) & Consumer Price Index (CPI) of the commodities as discussed above.This comprehensive data has been processed session-wise, to reach the right indexing value same as the methodology opted by the surveyors and loss assessors at the time of any claim. To reach the right reinstatement value, certain approximations are considered over and above the indexed value which are termed as Mark-ups that cover certain incidental increments. It must be understood that the calculated value does not consider any unprecedented increments in the prices of any commodity that can occur due to any natural calamity, war, war-like situation etc.

Getting in touch with our support team is simple. You can reach us through the "Contact Us" page on our website or call us direct at +919971872328, where you'll find our contact details and a convenient form to submit your inquiries. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

The asset valuation can be performed in a few simple steps after getting registered at our website "riskbirbal.com". After getting registered, Asset valuation can be opted through our website and simply upload your asset details in the provided excel format. It requires to copy and paste the data from your existing FAR and upload the sheet using the upload tab. Now match the Asset category of your FAR (Fixed Asset Register) with the standard Indexing categories and on the next click you can get the reinstatement value of your assets instantly. A detailed report can also be downloaded for the same. Here we provide the flexibility to get the valuation report for your multiple locations in one go.

Asset Valuation Process with Riskbirbal